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Eric Martindale is a relentless maker and serial entrepreneur, having founded his first successful company at 18 and continuing to lead early stage companies through the open source ecosystem throughout his career. His passion lies in world-changing ideas and seeing them through to fruition, something that has driven him to acquire robust array of skills in entrepreneurship, technology, and design.

Eric has been an autodidact from an early age, devouring whole encyclopedias at first before moving on to libraries and eventually the Internet. His tenuous relationship with the education system—spanning public, private, charter, home, and even personalized schools—has given him a passion for building something revolutionary to address the ever­-expounding array of problems in the education space, leading to him co­found Coursefork in early 2013.

Eric is also an avid adventurer and athlete, participating in activities ranging from wilderness survival camps and rock­ climbing to jiu-­jitsu, muay thai, and mixed martial arts (MMA). He's previously participated in month­-long Search & Rescue (SAR) training exercises in the mountains of West Virginia and even moonlighted as a musician at local venues.

Ashish Rastogi wrote:

Eric has demonstrated on numerous occasions over the three years I've worked with him so far that he has a talent for managing people. He's organized teams to handle a variety of tasks and values the input that they provide to better the company as a whole. Not only is his ability to coordinate on a large scale unmatched, but his work ethic is unparalleled in today's business world.

Ashley Berman Hale wrote:

Eric is a rare personality that commands attention while encouraging others. The amount of potential online for business, innovation and success is something that keeps me inspired to work online. It is rare that I meet colleagues that I am confident have all of know-how, savvy and drive to accurately take advantage of that potential - no matter what sector they are in. Eric is that colleague.


Eric is an active programmer, and currently works for Expy Inc. as a PHP Developer for the DungeonMastering Tools. He also works full time as a Senior Software Support Specialist for NewBold Corporation.

Martial Arts

Growing up as an active athlete, Eric has been involved in a large number of martial arts including Jiujutsu (both Brazilian and Japanese), Isshinryu Karate, Longfist Kungfu, and traditional TaeKwonDo. He currently competes in no-gi BJJ tournaments, AMAA open competitions, and MMA (cagefighting).

Art & Music

Always trying to keep both parts of his brain active, Eric also embellishes in his creative side through both artwork and music. His favorite medium is charcoal pencil and digital airbrushing, while his musical repertoire includes guitar, keyboard, and kazoo.

Writing & Roleplaying

Writing has always been something Eric has enjoyed, stemming from a young life in the emerging world of online text-based roleplay in the late 90s. He enjoys writing (and reading) fiction, and manages several websites dedicated to helping young authors learn the craft.