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Listed here are a select group of ongoing projects that I direct or manage. Each of the project's features are specific things that I have engineered.

  • Coursefork

    What if the world's best instructors open sourced their courses and started working together? What if designing a new course meant starting on the cutting edge instead of starting from scratch?

    Coursefork explores this idea, aiming to be the simplest and fastest way to design and teach high-quality educational material.

    1st place, Overall, Startup Weekend Education, March 2013

    1st place, People's Choice, Startup Weekend Education, March 2013

    Top 10 Open Source Projects of 2013,, December 2013

  • BitCoin Trader

    BitCoin trading console for Coinbase that allows you to issue orders for BTC that will be filled when Coinbase has coins available; this was created to bypass their current 24-hour rolling limit on BitCoin purchases.

  • is an intelligent system capable of constructing a personalized education system for its users. It utilizes machine learning (ML) techniques to select the best material per individual from a variety of hundreds of thousands of public content.

  • snarl

    snarl is an interactive statistics tracking tool for social listening site that exposes a wide array of functionality to its users.

    Features include automated calculation of the most popular songs, DJ profiles, and tracking of when songs had been last played to DJs avoid overplaying tracks. MapReduce is used in various places to calculate statistics and emerge meaningful information to the listeners and DJs.

  • geosearch

    geosearch was a quick prototype I built using bootstrap and mongoDB capped collections. It allows you to find content near an immediate location using a simple interface. I tied it in to the HTML5 geolocation API so it would be easy for a user to find content near them without having any understanding of latitude / longitude.

  • LocalSense

    LocalSense is a location-based intelligence platform. It focuses on stitching together geolocative media (such as geotagged content from Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, etc.) and reconstructing a comprehensive profile of individuals using proprietary algorithms.

    Machine Learning (ML) was used to match consumers with businesses they'd be likely to enjoy, geographical context was added to sentiment analysis to give businesses a new window into their local communities and their reactions to their business, and predictive analytics were provided to businesses based on the wisdom generated by Machine Learning in response to their proposed social media engagements and offers created through the LocalSense system.

  • Mirascape

    Mirascape is an augmented-reality platform that focuses on collecting, annotating, and curating real-world media into a browseable and interactable format. It aimed to be an "augmented reality operation system", upon which any number of applications could be built.

  • HangoutAcademy

    HangoutAcademy was a platform for learning and engaging with people using Google+ Hangouts. Achievements were granted for certain actions on Google+ such as meeting a new person, spending a certain amount of time in a Hangout with them, or answering a question asked by another individual.

  • RolePlayGateway

    RolePlayGateway is an online social network dedicated to enabling its users to participate in a form of collaborative fiction called "freeform roleplay". Showcase features include;

    • Custom MUSH-style Chat, powered by Sebastian Tschan's AJAX Chat

      Users are able to assume the role of any of the characters attached to their profile, and move around in a user-generated world.

    • Automatic Writing Analysis

      All user-generated content gets analysed for its technical content, such as word count, readability, and estimated grade level. These statistics get averaged and listed on the user's account.

    • Democratic User Reputation System

      For each post or article that a user creates, all other active community members are able to rate and review this content based on their personal opinion. These ratings are averaged out and combined with a number of other response-rate metrics to generate an overall user reputation.

    • RPG Jobs

      RPG Jobs is a job board that targets Role-playing Games and the surrounding industries (writing, programming, designing, etc). It is a project dedicated to helping high-quality companies find working professionals to build the best RPGs possible for their players.

      • Embed job positions on any site

        This tool is aimed at bloggers and other RPG sites, allowing them to show the most recent job openings on their own site.

    • RPG News

      RPG News is a social news site dedicated to the community and industry surrounding roleplaying games and general game design.

  • The Hall of Records

    The Hall of Records is a record-keeping system designed to track and record the results of as many turn-based character competitions (known as "Type 1" of roleplaying combat, or T1) as possible. This system consequently generates a ranking system to track the relative skill level of the the participants.

    This information is used to send out invitations to the top 32 of these fighters once every two years to compete in a prestigious single-elimination event known as The Grand Tournament.

  • DungeonMastering Tools

    DungeonMastering Tools is a product of Expy Inc. that provides DMs with a system for managing their roleplaying games, campaigns, and players.

    • Digital DM Screen

      This tool is a full-screen replacement for the traditional DM screen, including interactive tools and modules that enable a combat encounter to run much more effectively.

    • Monster, Trap, and Item Cards

      Users are able to create, embed, and share cards that display full statistics for their creations.